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Nesa SDin Receiver (CD / USB / SD / AUX / BT)


Bluetooth V3.0 Hands-Free Calling From Enabled Devices

A2DP Wireless MP3 Audio Playback From Enabled Devices

Playback from 32GB SD/USB of MP3 & MP4

Playback from CD, CDR, CDRW of MP3

ID3 MP3 Tag Reading for Track & Artist Information

AUX Audio Input for Personal Media Devices

Front & Rear Pre-Amp RCA Outputs

Subwoofer Pre-Amp RCA Output

300w 4ch. MOSFET Speaker Outputs

Custom & Preset Equalizer Settings

Remote Control Included

Theft Deterrent Detachable Face

Multi-Region FM Frequency Stepping

No product


Nesa SDin DVD Player (DVD / USB / SD / CD / VCD / MP3)


DVD/VCD/CD Disc, USB Playback


Vertical mounting disc slot-in mechanism

Ultra-Slim Size

PAL/NTSC Compatible

Video, Audio, L/R RCA Output

Blue LED Button Illumination

External remote eye port (10 ft. remote eye cable included)

Full function remote control included

Optional AC / DC adapter available

1 DIN-size mounting bracket included

12 ~ 24v DC Operation (9v ~ 32V)

Dimensions: 5.7" (W) x 1.5" (H) x 7" (D)

No product


Nesa SDin Receiver (3.4" LCD Panel - DVD / USB / AUX / BT)


3.4" TFT-LCD Panel

Detachable theft deterrent front panel

Playback from DVD / DVD-RW / CD / CD-R / CD-RW Including VCD, MP3, MP4

Recall memory for Last DVD Position

USB Connection for MP3 & MP4 playback from 32GB Flash Drive

32GB SD Card Reader for MP3 & MP4 Playback

MP3 ID3 Tag Reading

300W 4CH MOSFET Powered Speaker Level Outputs

Bluetooth V2.0 hands-free calling from enabled device

A2DP MP3 Audio Playback from enabled device

18 FM / 12 AM Station Memory

Front and Rear Pre-Amp Outputs

Front Panel 3.5mm AUX A/V Input

Rear view camera input with trigger

Custom & Preset EQ Settings

Audio Staging Controls

12/24 Hour Clock

NTSC/PAL Auto Selection

720 x 400 Screen Resolution

No product

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